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November 12, 2018

Steel Building Design as per AISC LRFD 10



Detail of this Session

Steel is a ubiquitous material. All the structures around us contain steel in some form -- be it rebars or girders. Over the past decades, steel design codes have been consistently updated to accommodate

the growing knowledge of material performance and allow for greater efficiency. But with this comes a greater demand in terms of design input considerations. To make this process easier, midas Gen-the one stop solution for building engineers- comes equipped with automated design tools and ,for steel structuresa facility of automatically selecting the optimal section for a particular combination of loading. The program has been in use for over 20 years by engineers the world over and applied successfully to numerous projects . It is known for its user-friendliness, efficiency, versatility and enhanced productivity. This presentation will focus on structural modeling and design as per the AISC-LRFD 2010 specifications for steel building design. Additionally, the BIM capable interface of the program, with Revit Structures, together with the capabilities of a specialized program for member design ( Design+) will be demonstrated.

Learning Objective
1. Quick and flexible modeling tools of midas Gen
2. Comprehensive design features of midas Gen as per AISC
3. Member design as per AISC-LRFD (14th edition)
4. BIM capabilities of midas Gen
5. Member design capabilities of Design+ as per AISC

Detail of this Session

Construction Stage Analysis for Column Shortening



Speaker :  MIDASoft, Inc.

Category : Building

Software : midas Gen

Date : 2014-04-29






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