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September 04, 2019

Seismic Analysis for a historical infilled RC frame building in Venice


Architectural Engineer DCT University of Padova, ITA
Francesca DA PORTO

Architectural Engineer DCT University of Padova, ITA
Claudio MODENA

Civil Engineer DCT University of Padova, ITA




Seismic improvement of reinforced concrete structures built in the early decades of the 20th century is a quite complex and increasingly widespread topic with a high variability of parameters. These structures were designed considering only dead loads, without taking into account any type of horizontal forces. Moreover, the presence of infill walls influence the global behavior of RC frame building. The aim of this study is the assessment of an historical masonry-infilled RC frame building in Venice, which is a two-storey reinforced concrete frame structure, built in 1949. The consistency of the results obtained applying two Codes (Italian Seismic Code -NTC 2008- and Eurocode 8 -EC8) was checked and the difference in results obtained performing spectral analyses and non linear static analyses with two different load distributions was illustrated."


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