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August 15, 2019

MIDAS - What is BrIM?

Synergy Series - Article 2

MIDAS' Core Value -  The Future of Bridge Industry

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Have you ever thought about the future of the bridge industry?


    We are in an era of constant changes and innovations. Nevertheless, the workflow and project contract model in the bridge industry have not changed a lot. While engineers and researcher are presenting innovative answers to challenging design issues, the issues from miscommunications among

disciplines and cost estimation for the project continue to arise. It made it hard to create synergy among discipline involved in the same project. The industry needs a change in the overall system to resolve this continuing issue.


    We can learn from the vertical structure industry, which went through similar challenges. The building industry saw a solution to this problem in BIM (Building Information Modeling) and started to adopt the concept from early 2000. The investment has paid out as studies have shown increased in quality and completion time by eliminating miscommunication and avoiding inefficient workflow. Furthermore, the ROI is increasing as the market matures and BIM process settled into the industry.


    The professionals involved in bridge projects have been demanding improvement in the current system. However, the tendency to maintain the status quo in the project delivery and limitation on the tools have hindered the industry from moving forward. Recently, the trend is changing rapidly. There is dramatic growth in interest and adoption of a new process. Project owners started to adopt BrIM process to manage design-build projects. As demands soar, software developers started to offer various tools to accommodate their needs.


   MIDAS recognized the issue early and looked into how our clients could benefit from this change in workflow. We have been building a platform in point of an engineer’s view. By translating FEA and BrIM model bi-directionally, Engineers can effortlessly soak into the new process. Our clients will efficiently communicate with different disciplines, such as owners, contractors, fabricators, and generate synergy through the process. Bridge engineers can identify and react to the changes swiftly, which will reduce work time significantly. The bridge industry will build upon BrIM process to innovate.


If you want to know more about the possibility of BrIM, Find out more here.






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