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Midas CIM is 3D Bridge Information modeling solution with integrated analysis and design.

Now, You can use your model to connect with others.


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Wait, how much do you know about BrIM? 

One Model that connects all


Some might be familiar with BrIM, but some might never heard the term. Regardless of your role or discipline.

BrIM will make an impact as it connects all who is involved in the bridge project.

Our BrIM blog will enlighten you how BrIM process is being developed and applied to the industry.

Learn how BrIM fits into your work and learn possibility of BrIM process.


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Alignment Based Planning

Parametric Modeling

Smart bridge template help you create bridge model easier than ever








BrIM Integrated & Check Process

Structural Analysis

Experience analysis integrated model for easier update and expandability


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Interactive Planning & Output Update

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