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midas CIM is 3D Bridge Information modeling solution with integrated analysis and design.

Now, you can use your model to connect with others. 


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Wait, how much do you know about BrIM?

Some might be familiar with BrIM, but some might never have heard the term. Learn how BrIM fits into your work and learn possibility of BrIM process. 

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What is BrIM?

Our mission is to educate and enlighten people who wants to learn and adopt the BrIM process with an objective view, and transparent fact. You will benefit from learning the purpose, strength, and weakness of the BrIM process at this moment. It will help you establish a clear goal for yourself and take action accordingly. BrIM process encompasses all disciplines involved in the bridge project through a single 3D Information Model. It is equivalent to the change we experienced from paper-based drafting to a 2D digital CAD system. Although there are a lot of obstacles ahead, the direction the future is heading is very clear, and we should prepare for it.

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Why BrIM?

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What is BrIM?

Find out why industry is moving toward BrIM

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What is Parametric Modeling?

Advantages of 3D CAD based parametric modeling

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Analysis Integrated Modeling

Convert your Analysis model to BrIM model

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BrIM Blog

Learn everything you need to know about BrIM

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