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Our mission is to educate and enlighten people who wants to learn and adopt the BrIM process with an objective view, and transparent fact. Through this website, you will benefit from learning the purpose, strength, and weakness of the BrIM process at this moment. It will help you establish a clear goal for yourself and take action accordingly. BrIM process encompasses all disciplines involved in the bridge project through a single 3D Information Model. It is equivalent to the change we experienced from paper-based drafting to a 2D digital CAD system. Although there are a lot of obstacles ahead, the direction the future is heading is very clear, and we should prepare for it.

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Why BrIM?




  • Design

    For Engineers to communicate with other disciplines on one model. It can also
    extend to easier modification of the Analysis model and utilizing the same model for construction and operation.

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  • Construction

    For Contractor to manage project and construction schedule.
    It can also expand to procurement and construction simulation.

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  • Drafting

    For Drafters to produce 2D Draft out of 3D model with information. It allows
    automated modification on the drawing and annotation. It can also expand to automatic rebar schedule and steel material chart.

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  • Planning

    For Owners to review the plans and progress.
    It can expand to visualize construction
    progress to fund the project accordingly or
    use it for a public hearing.

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  • Operation

    For the Maintenance team to manage the structure over the life cycle of the project.
    It can expand to historical data of the component and structure in one model and real-time structure health monitoring.

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    BrIM Projects

    Project Applications of BrIM process in the real world

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    BrIM Challenges

    What are the current challenges in the BrIM? What can be done, and what is the downside?
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    BrIM Tools

    Comparison of BrIM tools currently available and showing the pros and cons
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    BrIM Trial

    Early adopters who want to have hands-on experience in 3D modeling
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