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Angela Kim
August 19, 2019

Parametric Alignment Modification | New Steel Bridge Beta Test Part 1

For more information about the "Improve Complex Steel Bridge Design" of which this beta test program is a part of, check out this page. The first part of this beta test program is "Experience Parametric Bridge Alignment Modification." This task is designed to help testers experience the efficiency of parametric CAD modeling in comparison to the Finite Element Method (node & element based) modeling.


The beta testers are given a straight three-span steel box-girder bridge model, as shown below.



Then, the bridge alignment can be modified in the "Layout Edit" function by chancing a few information such as line type, curve radius, etc.

Alignment Layout

After applying the changes, the model will turn curved as shown below. 


Tutorial Manual     Model Files



The first trial completed on Friday, August 23rd, 2019. Overall, 54% of feedback was about what the testers liked about the trial feature and want to try in the next trials. The other 46% feedback was about the development improvements necessary.

Feedback Summary

The group found the new layout definition feature to be easier and more intuitive than the current approach in midas Civil. We will dig into this feature further and try more various cases like varying deck width with multiple girder alignment. You can see an example application in the below image.

Feedback Summary-Next

Bridge with Different Alignment




Below is a summary graph of the questions related to development.  

Feedback Summary-Development

  • Testers also felt the need for improving the stability of the software. The beta version is currently in the process of being developed and optimized. The development team is creating new DLL file every day at this time. We will stay with this build version until October or November unless the features the tester group want to try is only available on the newer build software.
  • We will share the request to define the layout using station values with the development team. As of now, we are in the process of developing .landXML file import. This .landxml import feature will allow users to import bridge layout directly from the survey/civil CAD data.
  • The above .landxml can cover the needs for importing Bentley products. As of exporting to Bentley products, we are keeping up with IFC standard development. Both AASHTO and FHWA plans to utilize and develop the IFC standard for exchanging data amongst various software programs.