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Hope Kang
October 29, 2019

midas Civil Learning Season 1 Episode 4: Does Section Offset Matter?

Special Thanks to


Engineers who contributed to this learning episode by providing questions and feedback.

  • Dong Wang - "For the box girder section definition, you used off-set of "center-top". What is the reason of that? If we use "center-center" instead, do you think the global behavior of model will be the same?"

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Steps to accomplish "Does Section Offset Matter!"


1. Download tutorial files (The model files work in midas Civil 2019 v1.1 or Higher versions)

Download Model Files


2. Follow the steps in tutorial

Download Presentation File


3. Send your finished model file to hopekang@midasoft.com


4. Please let me know that you sent an email by leaving a comments below! Otherwise, you will not be counted as completed. Any feedback would be appreciated, too! Please finish this step by Monday November 5th, 2019, for Starbucks gift card!


When I confirm your model file, I will send you a Episode 5 within a week. Thank you. I look forward to your submission!



🙌 Yay! Our learning is upgraded!



By reflecting participants' feedback, our tutorial is now upgraded with provoking questions and explanations to deepen your understanding!



Season 1 Prize!


Among engineers who accomplish all 10 episodes on time, we will select 10 engineers and send $30 Starbucks gift card for spending your coffee break with midas Civil.
* This reward is for engineers in the US & Canada only


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