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Hope Kang
September 17, 2019

midas Civil 10-Minutes Learning | Part 1: Bridge Wizard 1

What is midas Civil 10-Minutes Learning?

Welcome everyone! This 10-minutes training series is for anyone who wants to learn midas Civil. I will provide a quick assignment, which will take about 10 minutes to finish, every week. You will only be able to access the next assignment by accomplishing the previous part.


All you need is your 10 minutes (per week) now to develop your skills for your current projects and future career. So now, are you ready to invest your 10 minutes?



Who should especially follow "Part 1: Bridge Wizard 1"?

  • Engineers who are familiar with design programs but not with analysis (FEA) programs
  • Engineers who are not familiar with midas Civil's steel composite girder bridge wizard
  • Engineers who want to build bridge model quickly (within 15 minutes) using bridge parameters
  • Engineers who works on many similar types of bridges



Steps to accomplish "Part 1:Bridge Wizard 1"

1. Download tutorial files

   Download Tutorial Files


2. Watch video and follow the steps



3. Send your wizard file (it should be a half way done) to hopekang@midasoft.com


4. Please let me know that you sent an email by leaving a comments below! Any feedback would be appreciated, too!


When I confirm your model file, I will send you a Part 2 assignment within a week. Thank you. I look forward to your submission!





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