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Kapil Dev Bansal
February 27, 2019

MDX & MIDAS for Steel Bridge Design

2018-11-06 15.00 [MIDAS] MDX _ MIDAS for steel bridge design




MIDAS team's been looking for ways to further improve our midas Civil users' experiences in steel bridge design. 

We acknowledge that MDX is one of the most widely used software for steel bridge design and some of our users at one point have used or currently use MDX. Many of our clients asked what the difference between MDX and midas Civil is and if some of the limitations of MDX can be handled more efficiently in midas Civil. Therefore, we would like to show a comparison between MDX and midas Civil. This session will help you understand how to utilize either or both software to improve the accuracy, reliability, and efficiency of steel bridge design.


Presentation Slides





Webinar Agenda

  • Modeling philosophy
    • Modeling Types:
      • 2D modeling
      • 3D modeling
    • Modeling Method:
      • Finite Element Modeling
      • Grid Modeling
  • Similarities in workflow in midas Civil & MDX
    • Model View
    • Wizard Tabs and Orders
    • Girder and Loading Definition
    • Temperature and other Miscellaneous Conditions
    • Live Load Definition
  • MDX result verification using midas Civil
  • midas Civil for more complex structures and problems
    • Substructure, Foundation, and Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis
    • Torsion Calculation
    • Construction Staged Analysis
  • Live Q&A



Speaker :  MIDASoft, Inc.

Category : Bridge

Software : MDX & midas Civil

Date : 2018-11-06