Now offering a simple way to manage your MIDAS programs

The MIDAS TSS contract allows clients to use multiple MIDAS products at a fraction of the original individual list prices all from one app. Manage your multiple products today!


Affordable Price

MIDAS TSS offers a fraction of cost compared to individually buying software.



Various Solutions

MIDAS TSS will provide various technical solutions that may be faced during projects. Regardless of the challenges, you will to overcome through flexible software assets.

Full version of every software

Users will have web-based access to the full versions of every software owned.

Maximize your potential with MIDAS Total Solution Services

With state of the art technology from MIDAS will take your company's productivity into a new level. Expand your business area through the MIDAS Total Service System.

MIDAS can help your organization enhance its technical capabilities. We build our success on your success.

MIDAS Total Service System helps large and global organizations gain significant operational and competitive advantages, reduce software costs and enjoy unrestricted access to a comprehensive software portfolio and the network of expert support resource.

TSS Users can now drastically improve their software ROI though sharing licences among all the offices and homes within a country via centralized licence management. So maximize the use of your Portfolio Resource anywhere and whenever. 


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Find Out How MIDAS TSS Can Help Maximize Your Potential



With midas TSS, you can utilize various MIDAS programs flexibly. If you have 10 seats of midas TSS license, up to 10 concurrent users can use whichever program they need. There is no restrictions on how many engineers in total can access each program or midas TSS platform. The number of license restricts the concurrent user number only.