midas Enterprise Contract


Does your company purchase MIDAS program licenses locally?

Are you interested in consolidating your MIDAS software licenses?

You are on the right page.


The proposal provides MIDAS client companies with an Enterprise Upgrade Contract, which will increase value and quality of MIDAS software. 
Enterprise license package optimized for your company will consolidate all midas Civil Licenses that are scattered throughout different branch offices.





Optimize your MIDAS software licensing

1.Increase concurrent license availability

2.Accommodate all project needs with full features

3.Reduce IT process and time with a single license key ID


before_icon Untraceable asset management

before_icon Inefficient investment

before_icon Difficult to accommodate engineers’ varying project needs




1.Maximized purchased software usage

2.Easier software access for the end users

3.Improvement of engineers’ software skills

  • Usage record of every offices are shown 22 seats 20 offices
  • Additional 10 seats are provided for free for 1-year (making total 32 seats)
  • Reduce other software Centralized FEA + design: Total investment go down eventually


before_icon Limited license availability and learning opportunities






License Manage

Experience MIDAS’ all new web-platform license management this July 2018

1.Manage Multiple Software, licenses, and usage in one web-platform


before_icon Old-fashion license management




Technical Support and Resources

Experience MIDAS’ all new technical resource library from this July 2018

1.Find all resources you need in a single destination


before_icon Difficult to locate technical support services and resources for new users



Procurement Process and Asset Management

Centralize your software procurement and asset management

1.One transaction per year

2. Single approval 


before_icon Numerous annual transactions

before_icon Varying size purchases (local, regional, national)



Investment History and Upcoming Needs

1.With the enterprise contract, additional purchase needs are covered by the enterprise maintenance price of around $80,000 only



before_iconThe enterprise contract will cover any additional purchase needs so that it will start reducing the total investment 1-2 years after the beginning of the enterprise contract.




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