MIDAS BrIM Adoption Feasibility Study


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Take first step toward new paradigm


What is BrIM Adoption Feasibility Study?


BrIM Adoption Feasibility Study is easiest way you can experience how BrIM will improve your current process. MIDAS will provide case study and model BrIM for your past or current project. You can evaluate how it will be implemented in the process and what benefit it will bring.


The Process is simple

We will contact you to set up a goal and specifics you would like to evaluate on. MIDAS will provide BrIM consultation with example design or process you provide. There will be no time or effort involved in learning or trying the software. Based on completed model, We will present and show you how it will be implemented and what benefit you can take out of it. If you see benefit and want to implement within the organization, MIDAS will provide training and free perpetual license.


The benefit of CIM Feedback Group


- Improvement in overall BRIM Knowledge

- Evaluation of current process and feasibility of BRIM Adoption

- Update on other government entity's approach to BrIM

- Actual trial implementation of BrIM to your organization

- Complimentary Full License to participant



How do I sign up?

You can sign up using the registration below. There are no strings attached.


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