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Daniel Mariscal

Daniel serves as a Senior Structural Engineer in the Tampa Office of AECOM (formerly URS). Mr. Mariscal is involved in preliminary and final bridge design in both steel and concrete. He has been active in several bridge design projects including segmental concrete structures, steel box girders and long-span cable-stayed bridges. His technical expertise includes structural analysis and design with emphasis in computer modeling and diverse computer applications. He is also experienced in time dependant and linear and non-linear finite element analysis. Typical projects are described below. Daniel was a staff structural engineer for the design on the MIC – Earlington Height Connector segmental portion, featuring 13 units with a total length of 1.1 miles of constant and variable depth and width pre-cast box girders in Miami, Florida; ten post-tensioned concrete box girder segmental bridges on the SR 826/SR 836 Interchange in Miami, Florida; and for the eight segmental bridges on the Big-I Interchange in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The design of these bridges was done taking into consideration the balance cantilever method of construction. Also, Daniel was involved in the final design of both the steel and concrete alternates for the extradosed stayed-cable bridge on the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge in New Haven, Connecticut (I-95 crossing the Quinnipiac River with an estimated cost of $100 million).

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