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Joseph LoBuono
November 12, 2018

New Bayonne Bridge: Raising the Roadway of an Existing Arch Bridge





Purpose of the Presentation

This presentation covered the followings:
- The difficulties and complexities of a multi-phased bridge project
- Rehabilitation: Strengthening the Existing Arch
- Retrofit: Relocation of the Arch Portals
- Reuse: Raising the Roadway within the Existing Arch
- The process of updating an 85 year old structure to current geometric and structural code requirements
- Challenges and solutions in construction staging to accomodate for two lanes of continual traffic
- The challenges of increasing capacity for live loads on an existing structure
- The importance of finite element analysis for identifying critical structural deficiencies when retrofitting an - existing structure with substantial complexities


Speaker Information: Joseph LoBuono


Presentation Slides





Outline of the Webinar

1. Project Evolution & Development
2. Project Description
3. The EOR as Construction Engineer
A. Sequencing
B. Computer Model
4. Arch Strengthening
5. The New Portals
6. Temporary Braces
7. Construction of the New Arch Floor
8. Construction Update (? 45% complete)


The Bayonne Bridge: Existing Roadway vs. Proposed Roadway

Bayonne Bridge, existing roadway vs proposed roadway



Multiple Phases, Numerous Construction Stages

Replacement of Approach Structures, Construction Staging, Strengthening Steel Erection, Proposed New Arch Portal


Arch Strengthening

Typical Lower Chord Strengthening, Typical Gusset Plate Strengthening








Speaker :  Joseph LoBuono

Category : Bridge

Software : midas Civil

Date : 2016-04-26




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