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Angela Kim
November 13, 2019

Export 2D drawing - Tools for Effective Communication (Beta Test 6)

We envision to streamline the communication in the bridge industry. One of the area is 2D drawings which is the default medium of communication in the bridge engineering industry.


As one of the first steps, we currently have midas CIM Drafter, which can produce 2D cross-section drawings, including the rebar information, annotations, and dimensions from a 3D CAD model. 
What happens when the design changes? Once you modify the 3D model, you can automatically update the associated 2D drawings.


Check out the tutorial manual or try it yourself using the model file. Let us know what you think. Are you with us in envisioning to streamline the communication in the industry? From our current stage, what should we consider for moving forward? 


View PDF Tutorial


Download Model Files

*If you do not have an access to the new software or free trial license, register here first.


Drafter 7