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Angela Kim
October 07, 2019

3D Rebar Modeling for Substructure (Beta Test 4)


Modeling rebars in 3D can give you the following benefits:

  1. Seamless rebar fitting and clash checking in 3D (especially for complex substructure like skewed abutment wall)
  2. Extract Excel report of rebar and material quantity
  3. Automatically output 2D cross-section drawings including rebar details
    (Check out the above outputs at https://midasoft.com/bridge/substructurebetatest/3)


The modeling effort should not outweigh the benefit. Check out the new 3D rebar modeling and clash check on substructure and foundation. Comment to let me know your answers to the following questions:

  • How many projects do you find 3D rebar modeling & clash check beneficial out of 10 projects for example?
  • Is the new 3D rebar modeling more efficient compared to your current method or checking based on 2D drawings?
  • What should we consider to make the benefit clearly outweigh the modeling effort in both the modeling and output sides?

*If you do not have an access to the new software or free trial license, register here first.


Try out simple rebar modeling for a full substructure!


View PDF Tutorial      Download Model Files