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Angela Kim
October 01, 2019

Basic 3D Rebar Modeling - New Superstructure Modeler Beta Test 4

Modeling rebars in 3D can give you the following benefits:

  1. Seamless rebar fitting and clash checking in 3D
  2. Extract Excel report of rebar and material quantity
  3. Automatically output 2D cross-section drawings including rebar details
    (Check out the above outputs at https://midasoft.com/bridge/substructurebetatest/3)


The modeling effort should not outweigh the benefit. Check out the basics of the new rebar modeling method. Comment to let me know your answers to the following questions:

  • Is the new rebar modeling more efficient compared to your current method?
  • Will you use this 3D rebar modeling for the above benefits?
  • What should we consider to make the benefit clearly outweigh the modeling effort in both the modeling and output sides?

*If you do not have an access to the new software or free trial license, register at https://www.midasoft.com/bridge/civil/products/newsteelmodule#register-form


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