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Angela Kim
September 16, 2019

CAD Import & Civil Export | New Steel Modeler Beta Test Part 3

In this third New Complex Steel Bridge Modeler Beta Test exercise, we will try out importing CAD for defining bridge layout and exporting midas Civil model for the analysis and design.

Two of the most frequently raised questions from the past two beta test exercises are (Refer to https://www.midasoft.com/bridge/steelbetatest/1 and https://www.midasoft.com/bridge/steelbetatest/2):

  1. Is there any way to input station values for the bridge alignment definition since coordinate-value definition is not straightforward and requires conversions?
  2. Will MIDAS develop the same new features in midas Civil? Does CIM model integrate with Civil for the analysis?

This week's exercise will help you experience the answers to the above questions. 

  1. Define the bridge layout by importing CAD and applying the unit library to the imported alignment.
  2. Export midas Civil model after setting up the analysis case with the desired element type and size. The desired element type and size can be controlled by setting up as many and various analysis cases as possible. Our ultimate goal is bi-way interaction between CIM and Civil. However, only one way export from CIM to Civil is possible in the current version. The exported midas Civil model contains only nodes and elements.


a. Download Tutorial Files

b. Watch the following video for the step-by-step tutorial.


c. Comment your answers to the below questions:

  1. Can this CAD import be a good replacement of the station-based layout definition and a supplement to the coordinate-based layout definition?
  2. For analysis and design, midas Civil is the main software. In order to take advantages of midas CIM's new features for the analysis and design, integration with Civil is important. What is the minimum requirement for you to find midas CIM modeling beneficial and practical? (i.e. export of boundary condition too, export of loading such as self-weight according to the geometry and material, bi-way integration for modification, ...)
  3. Extra: Which of the following will you find most useful if you can export it from midas CIM model?
    1. a bill of material,
    2. drawings (cross section view, plan view, elevation view, ...),
    3. render animation, or
    4. construction simulation.