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Gray L. Gardner
November 12, 2018

Severely Skewed Prestressed Beam Bridge Analysis






An Insider's Perspective: Gary Gardner


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Purpose of the Webinar
Analysis of a Severely Skewed Prestressed Beam Bridge

The presentation discussed modeling of a severely skewed pre-stressed beam bridge using refined analysis and construction stages. A case study presented of a bridge under design for the $429 Million Portsmouth Bypass PPP Project. The bridge features a 170 foot long single span with lightweight concrete beams and a 71 degree skew. The effects of skew on the concrete beams, intermediate steel diaphragms and concrete end diaphragm were discussed and compared to line girder analysis with typical AASHTO skew correction factors.

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Featured Topics
- Analysis and design calculations for prestressed beam bridge
- Determining skew effects on beams and diaphragms in prestressed concrete superstructure
- Modeling of construction stages
- Comparison of refined analysis to line girder analysis with skew correction factors

Who Should Attend
Structural engineers/Bridge engineers working on concrete bridges or skewed structures.

Benefits of this webinar
1. Designing severely skewed concrete structures with refined analysis
2. Modeling of construction stages
3. Performing prestressed concrete load rating calculations

All attendees received a certificate for 1 Professional Development Hour.





Speaker :  Gray L. Gardner, Jr., PE

Category : Bridge

Software : midas Civil

Date : 2015-08-19




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