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Sri Sritharan
November 12, 2018

Camber of Pre-tensioned Concrete Beams





An Insider's Perspective: Sri Sritharan

 Speaker Information

Purpose of the Webinar
Predicting camber of Precast Prestressed Concrete Beams (PPCBs) has been investigated over the past several decades. Yet the discrepancy between the measured and expected camber has not been adequately addressed, causing construction challenges in the field even today. A study was undertaken to systematically examine the cause of errors between the measured and expected camber. As part of this effort, concrete behavior was characterized several different mixes, camber data were collected from more than hundred beams, and finite element models were developed to understand the impact of simplified models in determine the instantaneous and long term camber. Findings from this study and recommendations to improve camber measurements and prediction will be presented.

Featured Topics
- Modeling Precast Prestressed Concrete Beams
- Camber Estimation using midas Civil - 3D FEA program
- Construction Stage Challenges due to Camber



Presentation Slides




Single Beam Model


Who Should Attend

The seminar will be of interest to designers, precast pre-tensioned beam fabricators, and contractors. Students and researchers interested in camber will also benefit from this webinar.

Benefits of this webinar
1. Learn about the complex nature of camber and what causes discrepancy between measured and expected camber
2. Understand how instantaneous and long-term camber can be determined accurately using detailed finite element analysis
3. Familiarize with recent research findings that can improve camber predictions

All attendees will also receive a certificate for 1 Professional Development Hour.






Speaker :  Sri Sritharan

Category : Bridge

Software : midas Civil

Date : 2015-10-21




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