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Cyprien Rusu
December 27, 2022

Midas NFX: Heat Transfer and Thermal Stress Simulation in Structural Analysis

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1. Overview (convection, conduction and radiation) 00:57 

2. Linear state and transient heat transfer 09:35 
Demo 1. Lamp steady state heat transfer 10:14 

3.Steady state and transient heat transfer 23:49 
Demo 2. board transient heat transfer 27:45 

4.Thermal stress analysis 47:33 
Demo 3. chip thermal stress analysis 50:11 

5.Comparison of heat transfer and linear static analysis 01:02:06 
6. Difference between structural and CFD analysis to study heat transfer 01:03:41 





Speaker :  Cyprien Rusu

Category : Mechanical

Software : midas NFX

Date : 2014-04-08




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