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December 27, 2022

Midas NFX: Handling Pressurized Systems with Finite Element Analysis

This is a sponsorship webinar made by midas NFX team for AnalyzeForSafety.com - The only blog about Pressure Vessel Safety and FEA simulation

Piotr Stepien, senior FEA engineer with more than 10 years of experience will be relating some hard facts about the safety requirements in the pressure vessel design industry and he will talk about all the critical aspects that a good designer is wondering about.

We will talk in details about those points in particular and you will be free to ask him questions:

1- First Piotr will raise the awareness about accident report from the national board and what are the main causes of the accidents

2- Then he will talk about the WRC 429 rules and how to understand the stress categorization and stress assessment

3- Piotr will explain how design by rule is not perfect and and tell you in which case you have to consider FEA and in which case you don't

4- He will talk about the need of Nonlinear analysis and why it is required in some specific cases.

5- He will open also to other controversial topics like stress linearization and the proper choice of SCL line.





Speaker :  MIDASoft, Inc. 

Category : Mechanical

Software : midas NFX

Date : 2015-04-30




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