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Atalay Yargicoglu
November 09, 2018

Elgin O'Hare Western Access Interchange - Flyover Ramps



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Structural analysis using computer modeling with a program such as MIDAS Civil, has become common practice and in many cases, necessary for the complexity of the structures being built today. Although there are countless structure types and elements, the general methodology for performing computer analysis is similar across the board. Currently, MIDAS Civil is being used for the design and/or checking of several horizontally curved plate girder bridges planned for the subject system interchange.
Using this project as an example, speaker will discuss the behavior of horizontally curved bridges and information regarding setting up the Midas models to capture the three-dimensional effects that may have significant impact on the performance of these structures and best practices.




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Project Information:
The IL 390 Western Access Interchange will provide directional ramp connections between the eastern extension and terminus of the IL 390 corridor and I-490 Western Bypass corridor. The interchange is located in DuPage County and will span over the existing Canadian Pacific and Union Pacific Railroads. The main system interchange consists of four horizontally curved multi-span plate girder structures.

Key Points
- AASHTO Specifications
- Modelling Techniques
- Soil-Structure Interaction
- Solutions to the significant design issues.







Speaker :  Atalay Yargicoglu, PE, SE, PhD

Category : Bridge

Software : midas Civil

Date : 2016-11-16




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