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Deanna L. Nevling
December 09, 2019

Parameter Influence Analysis: Horizontal Curve Steel I-Girder Bridges


2013-03-28 15.00 Technical Seminar on Curved Steel Bridge Design


Problem Statement

- Structures Often Experience Problems During Erection

- No Specifications for Erection Procedures and/or Techniques
- Codes Discuss Importance of Erection Procedures, But Provide No Specifics
- Current Study Examines Bridges to Determine Influence of Parameters on Deflection
  During Construction


Scope and Tasks of Research

- FEM Model of Bridge 207
- Compare Model and Field Test

- Design 30 Base Bridges
- Analyze Base Bridges Using FEM
- Locate Maximum Displacements

- Complete ANOVA for Displacements
- Determine Influence of Parameters on Deflection


Structure Description

- 2 Span Continuous
- 5 Grade 50 Steel Plate Girders
- Girder Spacing- 10.67 ft.
- Radius of Curvature- 1921 ft.
- Crossframes Composed of WT Sections
- Tested by Shura (2005)


“Best” and “Worst” Construction Methods

- “Best” Minimizes Radial, Tangential, Vertical Deflection
- “Worst” Results in Largest Radial, Tangential, and Vertical Deflection
- All 30 Parametric Bridges Were Analyzed
- One Case Presented
- Summary of Results for All Cases





Speaker :  Deanna L. Nevling

                   Group/Project Manager, 


                   at Michael Baker International

Category : Bridge

Software : midas Civil

Date : 2013-03-04





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