Substructure & Foundation Design

Let's stop the numerous iterations and make a brand new workflow for
Modeling, Soil-Structure-Interaction Analysis, & Design

Since June 2018, MIDAS clients initiated this discussion on making a new trend of substructure and foundation design. The bottom point is to create a new workflow and wizard that eliminates the numerous iterations due to the dynamic interaction of superstructure, substructure, foundation, and soil.
A total of 1,862 engineers expressed their needs and agreement in this campaign. A total of 42 engineers are committed in the beta test of the new substructure & foundation wizard.

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ongoing from August 2019 ~ current




Support, Join & Participate


The purpose of this beta test program is to develop the new wizard and technical materials based on the beta testers' feedback. In other words, this wizard and technical resources will be designed with them and for them exclusively. Our participating clients will be provided the trial license, software, and bi-weekly 2-minute tutorials. Our target completion date of the whole beta test program is December 31st 2019.

Dear Bridge Engineers,

Are you tired of using multiple software for substructure and foundation design?

Is making design changes over and over again taking up too much of your time?


Do you want to find out how to efficiently design your bridge substructure & foundation?


Unique Geometry Bridges

Do you have to deal with unique geometry bridges (curve, split, flared, etc.) that do not fit in a conventional design program?

Numerous Design Changes

Due to structural issues as well as geotech and construction-related issues.

Complicated Modeling

Is obtaining soil spring data and modeling springs complicated? Do you have trouble modeling the entire structure for more accurate simulation?


Bridge Drawing with Substructure Foundation-849056-edited-947911-edited

Bridge Drawing with Substructure Foundation-902578-edited-128303-edited

MIDAS is developing Substructure & Foundation Wizard  for you!

As a solution to this problem in bridge substructure design, MIDAS is currently developing

midas Civil Substructure & Foundation Wizard

that will allow engineers to work with parameters for 

  1. Generating caps, piles, columns, drilled shafts, and footings 
  2. Automatically calculating and applying soil P-Y, linear, and compression-only spring data based on soil boring data
  3. Reflecting any changes easily and quickly by modifying the wizard parameters to update the model

    with greater flexibility guaranteed with the midas Civil's GUI nature:

  4. Manually modifying the model data outside the wizard for unique geometry substructure and foundation
  5. substructure will work either with superstructure or without superstructure model

Using this substructure wizard, you can easily make preliminary design and detailed design model and make as many modifications as needed.

What do you think?

Please fill out this form to let us know that

1. you want to become an exclusive beta tester (Optional),

2. you, as an engineer, support this development idea,

3. you have interest in trying out the new substructure wizard,

4. any of your questions or feedback.




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