midas Civil

A higher standard of bridge design





Powerful Post-Processor


Graphic Results


The post-processor can automatically create load combinations in accordance with specified design standards. Users can conveniently specify additional load combinations or modify existing combinations. Beam diagrams forces in and moments about both strong and weak axes simultaneously. By adjusting the type of display, we can obtain the results of reactions, displacements, forces and stresses graphically.





Table Results


midas Civil also provides results that are compatible with MS Excel, which enables the user to review all analysis and design results systematically. 

Results are produced by using intuitive wizard type dialog boxes. Different load combinations can be specified to different results such as reactions, displacements, member forces, etc. Moreover, midas Civil provides powerful selection, filter and envelope functions for the user to customize the result output.




Report Generation


midas Civil’s state of the art report generation includes features such as graphical generation which allows you to define the function with respect to either time or distance. The intuitive drag and drop feature allows you to conveniently copy images and result tables directly from the program to your MS Word report. All of the data entered in the report can be modified and saved by the user in MS Word format without any limitations. Also, all result tables can be seamlessly exported to Excel.