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Issues in handling staged construction analysis for Rehabilitation Projects and Special Construction Issue


Rehabilitation projects or projects with special construction issues can be overwhelming, especially if they have an irregular shape such as flare, taper, and joining girders.For existing bridges, it is essential to evaluate live load together with staged construction analysis appropriately. For existing bridge evaluation for live load and staging, engineers must be able to review details like truck locations and concurrent results during or after staged construction analysis. In this case, not only unique staged construction steps, but also convoluted live load cases with special sequence are necessary.

Therefore, rehabilitation and other special projects that involve existing aged structures require software that has user-oriented modeling capabilities, provides options in a sense that user can set up complex staged construction and live load cases together with efficiency, and produce accurate and practical analysis results such as concurrent forces and the position of a vehicle at the critical situation.




Significant Features and Differences in Results

  1. 1. Increase efficiency to set up an irregular shape of bridges with various bridge wizards, flexible manual modifications, and variety of available       
  2.     formats.
  3. 2.Reduce time to manage live load analysis in sequence including:
    •    - Concurrent forces
    •    - Enveloped forces
    •    - Position of vehicles at the critical case
    •    - Separate setting for each different construction stages
         - Live load optimization
  4. 3. Raise accuracy of staged construction analysis with the actual scenario such as non-uniform deck pouring.


Rehab Feature 1.png
Rehab Feature 2.png
Rehab Feature 3.png
Rehab Feature 4.png








Travis Butz 2.png

We wanted a single location to collect all the information we need about every members and connection. We used Midas .mct file to create the midas input directly from our database. So any member properties change or section loss occurs we can just go back hit a button and recreate that midas files from Scratch. We also used the software to get concurrent forces and truck locations for all those members we are interested.

Travis Butz at Burgess & Niple

Steel Engineer 2 Stanley.png

The Initial model was developed using steel composite girder bridge wizard. Midas also has capability for you that can define deck pouring sequence and it was nice capability… midas Civil also has composite section properties that considering warping effect… you will get a better representation of the warping stiffness of the system.


Atalay Yargicoglu at Stanley Consultants