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Integrated FEA model with the BrIM

Seamless integration saves time and reduces errors


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Integration with analysis and design

Native midas foundation provides seamless compatibility between 3D CAD CIM and FEA midas Civil.
Create an FEA model with consideration of mesh, boundary condition, tendon, and other analysis conditions.
You can add an additional condition like load, seismic condition from midas Civil to perform analysis and design check. Expand possibility by importing midas Civil model to midas CIM for BrIM.



Important Features

- Export and update midas civil model with section/tendon/rebar information

- Create a custom 1D Beam FEA model or meshed plate model for your condition

- PSC Composite section can also be exported for design and construction staging

- Create BrIM model by importing midas Civil model used for analysis



Set free from repetitive work with design changes

Preliminary Design with fast analysis

CIM overhaul the repetitive work process that occurred from design changes in the preliminary design phase. Integrated midas civil generated from CIM let you obtain structural analysis results with easier modeling change. 

  • midas Civil is a state of the art finite element analysis software in the world
  • Structural health monitoring and maintenance from the construction phase to operation

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Analysis/Design Integration

- Intuitive analysis and design integration by importing model in midas Civil. Not only geometry, but also structural details will be transferred


Utilize existing midas civil model and expand

- You can utilize midas civil modeling to create a model with the wizard and then import it into midas CIM

- CIM supports not only the mct file for midas Civil, but compatible with IFC, Parasolid, and other Graphic files




An analytic model for composite girder

- PSC girder with slab information can be considered and create a correct finite analysis model considering composite girder

- You can also create a midas civil model with a slab meshed in plate and girder as a 1D beam element




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Create a detailed structure component model

- When creating a concrete bridge in CIM. You can create a solid model for the specific components to run a detailed analysis on midas FEA

- Steel structure in the CIM model can also utilize this function to run detail analysis on plate model for the diaphragm




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Important Features 

- Section property, boundary condition, Beam element node, auto mesh on the plate element

- Create a 3D CAD model by importing the existing midas Civil model

- Export components into Solid and Plate to run detailed analysis on midas FEA





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