Unifed Standard for Bridge Model

What is IFC Standard?


IFC is open Standard by buildingSMART International that has been widely adopted for BIM in Building industry. As the bridge industry is rapidly moving forward with BrIM, It needs unified standard to resolve struggle caused in communication among different discipline using different standard and software. The bridge industry learned from BIM adoption process in building industry and wants to achieve unified standard through IFC format.


MIDAS is supporting international effort

MIDAS and bSI along with other partners launched Infra Room IFC Road project with an aim of extending existing standards to support linear highway infrastructure.



What is happening in North America?


AASHTO COBS T-19 Software and Technology launched TPF-5 (372) to standardize BrIM IFC format for United States and asked software vendors to participate in developing standard and program compliant to it. MIDAS is participating as partner software vendor to help this effort.



What will be the outcome?

After successfully standardizing BrIM format with IFC Standard, End-users will be able to share the model with other users regardless difference in program or field. Bridge model created from MIDAS CIM can be opened in any IFC certified BrIM program and will be able to access the information.  You will be able to share the model with fabricator and contractor and they can use field specified program to transfer the data and utilize it immediately.


More Info on IFC Standard

IFC Standard