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February 08, 2019

5-day Training Programs

Master midas Civil with 5-day training program following a detailed and organized schedule. Depending on the type of bridge you are mainly interested in, select a different schedule corresponding manuals.



Desired Bridge Type

to Master

PSC/Steel Composite Bridge Concrete Girder Bridge Steel Truss Bridge Dynamic Analysis/ Rail Structure Interaction
Day 1 Introduction to GUI, Task Pane, Works Tree, MCT Command Shell, Unit System, Wizards
Day 2 Getting Started (3D Frame and Truss Modeling and Analysis)
Day 3 PSC Composite I Girder Bridge Modeling & Analysis PSC Box Girder Steel Truss Bridge: Bowstring Train Dynamic Analysis
Day 4 Steel Composite Girder Bridge Modeling & Analysis PSC I Girder 2 Steel Truss Bridge: FOB Rail Structure Interaction
Day 5 Exercise practice on the designated type of bridge





View detailed schedule



Download training materials 





The zip file includes the following materials:



  • 5-day training schedule
  • 5-day training manual for the following structures:
    • Prestressed Concrete Composite Girder Bridge 
    • Prestressed Box Girder Bridge
    • Steel Truss Bridge
    • Steel Composite Bridge
    • Training Analysis and Rail-Structure Interaction
  • midas Civil model files
  • Exercise manual and model files


*Please note these manuals are based on SI unit system.


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