Our Business


"Improving the standards of the world utilizing MIDASoft technology."

MIDASoft's reputation expands to 160 global experts and exports engineering software to more than 40 countries. This is made possible through a global network of American and Chinese subsidiaries and 17 overseas branches. MIDASoft plans to expand its CAE S/W simulation technology to other engineering and business fields, including construction, mechanics, ship construction, aeronautics, environment, and medicine. Based on the specialized structural analysis and structural optimization application technology in the engineering and web business fields, MIDASoft is recognized as a world-class construction engineering group. In addition, MIDASoft is a web-based business solution provider developing a global

portal brand and service system for opportunities in overseas markets. Everyone at MIDASoft is passion-driven in making the company proactive, enthusiastic, and energetic. Without proprietary software, MIDASoft has made many dreams turn into reality and continues to set the bar to new heights.


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Our Philosophy

MIDASoft continually advances in the right direction to do the right things right. Our mission is to provide the world with utilitarian values that support the human pursuit of happiness with our creative technology. The purpose of MIDASoft management is to foster people's natural talents and provide them the right motivation by encouraging voluntary and autonomous involvement to help them enhance the total happiness of society, organizations, and humans. MIDASoft places great emphasis on "Doing the right things right." "Right things"implies the things that enrich the quality of life and promote people's happiness, and "doing things right" means utmost effectiveness and efficiency in conducting the right things. Our vision aims at providing the necessities for the pursuit of the betterment of people by using innovative engineering technology. We are proud to claim ourselves innovators and pioneers because we seek changes over stagnation, advancement over complacency, and the future over the present to contribute towards a high quality of life.




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"A high quality of life embodied by conviction and passion"

High quality of life is achieved by the assurance of future sustainability on the basis of a solid foundation and in the environment of sufficiency. MIDASoft recognizes that such quality life can be achieved through sharing the common faith founded on trust and mutual respect. MIDASoft provides all staff members the opportunity for professional development and personal development aligned with the development of the company, which is a success model in a perpetual mode.

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"A rewarding life in search of cutting-edge technology"

It is the engineer’s conscience and honor to use his skills and ingenuity to bring about a better life for mankind and lead the world towards the right course. A strong will and devotion are the most valuable traits that embrace success. By pursuing the best technology, the people at MIDASoft will fulfill their dreams and have a sense of accomplishment as engineers.

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"Contributing to society is part of our social responsibility that makes our lives more fulfilling"

MIDASoft takes a proactive stance in our community through charities and voluntary activities for the community. It is our belief that we should return what we have benefited from society. Our belief will further inspire us to attain our own happiness and wisdom. We believe in unity and harmony with everyone. We promote being a role model and a corporate citizen of the world.